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FISL10 day 1

Posted by – 24/06/2009

FISL10 began, as usual, with lots of people from lots of places packing PUCRS’ event center in Porto Alegre. This is indeed a special edition! The official numbers are not yet computed; as I write the counter reached 7168 attendees… But since the database has been running locally yesterday on, people that registered at PUCRS are not yet counted… Registration team will merge the databases eventually, but that’s not their top priority right now.

So, this year I am not helping TVSL, which is being taken care of by Luis Felipe instead. He’s been doing a good work and there could be nobody else better than him. My quality of life increased dramatically by letting TVSL in Felipe’s hands… Maybe this year I manage to actually attend to some sessions, and to hang out with Debian guys.

This year I will partially take care of the Programming Arena. The challenge was revealed today and 11 “heroes” are, right now, trying to respond to it. It has been requested that they implement DNSCurve. They could have no better coach at this than D. J. Bernstein, who has been helping them both at the Arena and through the Arena private mailing-list.

Earlier, DJB also were in DNSCurve x DNSSEC panel, one of the most interesting technical sessions so far (bias warning: I was moderator for it). DJB and Frederico Neves (from NIC.br) exchanged arguments exposing interesting details of both secure DNS alternatives.

Also, today we got the confirmation from Brazilian Presidency that the President will attend our event. It will be on Friday, and I am too excited to hear what he has to say about free software government policies. (Apparently, apart from Linus, we managed to get everybody to show up in FISL 😉 ).

I am also taking care of the Key Signing Party. This has been a rather good experience, since it requires almost nothing from me (except preparing the keylist and showing up at the scheduled time and place) :-).

See you tomorrow, at FISL!

Oficina no Consegi 2008

Posted by – 30/08/2008

Ontem estive em Brasília para uma oficina de streaming de vídeo no Consegi 2008. A oficina foi excelente, com boa participação apesar de termos uma sala pequena e computadores não preparados.

A oficina foi ministrada como uma palestra, com introdução de Karinna Bueno, apresentação básica sobre Streaming a cargo do VJ Pixel, e estudo de dois casos, o da TVSL, a meu cargo e o da transmissão de um evento da ONU (utilizando software não-livre em parte), a cargo do Fabrício Tamusiunas do NIC.br.

Depois de um breve intervalo, comecei com alguns demos (uma vez que os computadores não haviam sido preparados, deixei de lado o hands-on) utilizando a versão 0.5.2 do Flumotion. (Essa é uma versão de desenvolvimento, o que trouxe alguns problemas, mas nada que não fosse superado facilmente… Agora tenho de tentar reproduzir o que ocorreu para ver se encontro o problema… mas isso é outra história…) Infelizmente o tempo agiu contra nós e não pude chegar nos demos mais interessantes, que são aqueles em que envolvo programação em Ruby com pipelines GStreamer… Vou ver se gravo um video desse demo para postar aqui.

Enquanto isso, a parte mais “formal” com a apresentação do caso da TVSL, pode ser encontrada aqui. Não há grandes diferenças em relação à palestra do Debian Day, uma vez que o caso é o mesmo… mas vale a pena dar uma olhadinha.

A todos que nos agüentaram quase a tarde inteira lá no Consegi, muito obrigado. Se tiverem dúvidas, perguntas, podem postar aqui mesmo.

Palestra no Debian Day

Posted by – 16/08/2008

Hoje, aniversário do Debian, estamos de novo fazendo o Debian Day para comemorá-lo. Em Porto Alegre ele está acontecendo no Serpro. Em alguns minutos estarei fazendo uma palestra sobre Streaming com Theora, que será transmitida ao vivo pela TV Software Livre.

Devo acrescentar o arquivo da palestra aqui logo depois de ministrá-la, e deixarei aberto os comentários caso alguma dúvida não seja resolvida no ato.

Update 2008-08-17 00:50:00: Estou anexando o arquivo da palestra. Quanto à pipeline que estávamos tentando fazer funcionar… esqueci de colocar os queues eis ela pronta:

bash$ gst-launch-0.10 videotestsrc ! queue ! tee name=t ! fakesink t. ! queue ! ximagesink

Update 2008-08-27 18:36:00: O pessoal publicou o torrent do video da palestra. Mais informações no site do Debian-RS.

Wow! Fisl exploded!

Posted by – 18/04/2008

I have never seem so many people at fisl. Seriously! All the rooms were crowded, all the time… same as the expo and the user-group area. Our official counter were stopped at 6667 participants, but that is just because we’ve taken the registration database off-line in order to process new registrations on-site. By the end of fisl all the numbers will be summed up, but I heard rumors of 7 thousand people! Awesome!

I spent this first day mostly in the TVSL room. We’ve had problems with the network all day long. PUCRS’ technicians and our link providers’ personnel were trying to figure out where the problem seems to be. Being stuck with a non-functioning stuff, to me this day was mostly a sequence of frustrating attempts to get over the blockage. By the end of the day I was told that they were close to a solution… It reminded me of our second year trying to stream fisl, as was best told by Fluendo’s Thomas … This just leads me to an unavoidable conclusion: our network sucks! I had to hear from a Brazilian friend who lives in Europe how wonderful her Gigabit network is… grrrrrrr

Bored as I was, I went walking around. That, surely, were the best part of fisl so far: meeting old friends. I had the most pleasant chat (yet quick) with Otavio Salvador and Felipe van de Wiel, both friends of long time.

I took some pictures of the crowd:

And, since I was not “available” in the morning, when the huge crowd was arriving, I took a picture of a picture taken by Marlon of this initial moments:

(It is not really clear in this picture, but beyond the red gates there were as many people as inside)

fisl9.0: T-48h

Posted by – 16/04/2008

We are at T-48h of fisl9.0, and everything starts to take form. I spent the whole afternoon getting our icecast infrastructure online. We’ve got 6 servers, all with different bandwidth and not all with the same architecture… The debian boxes were prevalent (4 of them – 1 amd64 and 3 i386), all of them etch. We’ll be able to follow the statistics at tvstats website (not all the servers are enlisted yet).

In this process I found an evil bug in debian’s icecast package, I will have to debug to understand it better: when relaying from a master server (which is our set-up), if the source stops feeding the master, the relay segfaults. The strace shows it just segfaults while pooling… I got no explanation for it and I’ll have to dissect it if I want to build a proper bug report. In the meantime, I installed the sarge-backports version, and it worked… so, the bug report will have to wait until after fisl 🙂

I took some pictures to show how’s everything being put together. Take a look:

And some of the infrastructure crew:

See you all there!


Posted by – 14/04/2008

I’ve been involved in TVSL (Free Software TV – a streaming infrastructure for the fisl) since its beginning… This time, while searching a way to embed IRC into a webpage for a internal project, I discovered mibbit – an interesting IRC widget. Then I thought, “It would be interesting to have that for fisl”… this is how I put together e-fisl.

e-fisl is just a webpage with an embedded cortado player (via the beautiful MetaVid library ) and mibbit widget. I put it together just a few minutes ago, but I suspect it is going to be interesting to watch how people use it (the mount-points for the rooms are still not available – as you’ll notice).

I am planning to have a bot in the #fisl channel to collect questions from the “remote attendees”… I just have to check with the rest of the organizing committee if it will be possible to read these questions for the speaker during the session. It would be great…