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Tem coisas que nem a Philco faz pra você

Posted by – 04/04/2012

Como vocês sabem, troquei de laptop recentemente e descobri que o sistema de recuperação empregava uma partição Debian rodando Partclone Clonezilla, ambos Softwares Livres. Constatei, também, que o código-fonte desses softwares livres não era fornecido junto com a partição, nem era documentado nos manuais que vieram junto com a máquina ou no site da Philco. Na ficha técnica do produto, não há nem menção sobre esses softwares.

Inicialmente não achei nada de mais… Afinal, imaginei que quando contatasse a Philco ela ou iria me fornecer o código-fonte, ou iria me apontar para o site original (segundo bem lembrou o Antonio Terceiro, isso seria insuficiente, mas eu até estava preparado para aceitar isso). Se eles me apontassem para o site do Clonezilla, eu já estaria feliz. Pois bem… nada disso.

Entrei em contato pelo formulário do site… sem resposta. O SAC da Philco não tem email publicado no site, então, entrei em contato com o 0800. O atendente me segurou por 45 minutos antes que eu desistisse. Com o velho e bom whois, descobri um email da Britânia (A Britânia é de fato a fabricante, uma vez que comprou a marca Philco no Brasil), para o qual enviei a seguinte mensagem no dia 28/03/2012:


No dia 07/03/2012 comprei um Notebook Philco 14E-P686WP da Ricardo Eletro (NF n. XXXXXX). Deixe-me adiantar que estou achando uma excelente maquina e estou muito satisfeito com a compra. No entanto, eu naum uso Windows (o sistema operacional que vem por padrao na maquina), e usei a particao principal para instalar o sistema operacional que eu uso regularmente.

Ateh aqui naum temos problema algum. No entanto, percebi que existe uma particao de recuperacao que tem a imagem do Windows 7. Eu decidi manter essa particao (em um futuro, caso eu queira me desfazer da maquina, essa particao pode ser util). Qual naum foi a minha surpresa quando percebi que nessa particao estah instalado um sistema operacional livre (Debian) que executa um aplicativo livre (Partclone) que, por sua vez, recupera o Windows. Aqui eh que comeca o problema…

Tanto o sistema operacional Debian quanto o aplicativo Partclone saum softwares livres. O Debian, possuindo diversas partes licenciadas sob a GPL, assim como o Partclone inteiro eh licenciado sob a GPL. Essa licenca obriga aos distribuidores que fornecam o codigo-fonte, de preferencia junto com a distribuicao (no caso, o codigo deveria vir na particao de recuperacao), ou sob solicitacao do cliente.

Em 15 de marco de 2012, entrei em contato atraves do formulario no site da Philco e naum obtive nenhuma resposta. Hoje, entrei em contato com o SAC atraves do 08006458300, aproximadamente as 14:20, e falei com o Cristian. Esse atendente naum soube me responder e me deixou na espera por 45 minutos (antes que eu proprio desligasse). Como naum encontrei nenhum email da Philco, estou entrando em contato atraves desse email para solicitar o codigo-fonte das ferramentas em software livre que estaum embarcadas na particao de recuperacao, em cumprimento com a licenca sob a qual esses softwares livres saum distribuidos.


Imaginando que algum MUA aceitasse me avisar da leitura, adicionei os headers Return-Receipt-To, X-Confirm-Reading-To, Disposition-Notification-To, Delivery-Receipt-To. Sei que murilo…….@britania.com.br a recebeu no mesmo dia e que paulo……@philco.com.br a recebeu no dia seguinte. No entanto, até agora nada! Eles poderiam me responder simplesmente: “é um Clonezilla padrão, só que usamos como imagem a do Windows 7” (ainda assim eu ia pedir o código)… mas preferiram me deixar sem resposta.

Aparentemente, tem coisas que nem a Philco faz pra você.

I hate Joey Hess

Posted by – 10/07/2009

OK. I don’t actually hate him… It’s just that I also wanted to buy a Palm Pre and install Debian in it… But living in Brazil and using GSM makes that really hard today. Maybe he can advance me some info: can I migrate my data from my Palm Treo 650 to a Palm Pre? (Anyway, if that is not possible, I’ll just run J-Pilot inside the thing 😉 ).

Good luck with your new toy. Keep us posted!

Alright! I surrender: Git rules!

Posted by – 05/02/2009

Everybody seems to be using git these days… I am not very found of “hypes”, as I told you before, but there’s been some time I’ve been evaluating git. I was happy with svk for quite a long time… Lately, though, I’ve been developing and extending a lot of ruby libraries, and all of them seem to be hosted at GitHub and using git… So, why not give it a serious try?

I chose a simple task on my TODO-list: to extend xmpp4r-simple to support XMPP PubSub, so I could use it in an internal project at my company. So I “cloned” its git repo and started developing. Not a really hard task, since all I had to do was use the underlying library (xmpp4r – not surprisingly also in GitHub) and mimic what Blaine’s done for the callbacks and it was ready (and working… although I still need to put more time on the test suite).

I am still exploring… It will take some time to migrate my stuff (and maybe a lot will remain in my company’s Subversion), but that’s what git-svn is for, isn’t it? Right now I am looking for ways to work with git-buildpackage and Debian git tools… Do you have some advice on that?

Great News: Etch’n’Half

Posted by – 28/07/2008

Great to hear about “etch and a half”. I’ve just upgraded all my systems and everything went smooth. I dumped my home-compiled Ruby in favor of Debian’s version now, since it fixes the annoying security bug. Thanks for the good work people!

“Important by Association”

Posted by – 02/05/2008

Here is a story people are bugging me to tell here: Since 2003, every year in fisl’s last day we, Debian Brasil, hold a “party” to celebrate Debian’s anniversary (I know it’s on August, but it’s probably the only opportunity we’ll have to gather all the gang together so we do it in advance anyway). It’s always something that draws everybody’s attention in the conference… I wonder if the pieces of cake we distribute have anything to do with it…

Anyway, this anecdote happened during fisl9.0’s party. I was there, helping by distributing cake and blowing our whistles when Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall got there to check what’s going on. I met Jon around 2001, in OpenBeach, an event that happens in Florianópolis every year (and that Jon likes to attend)… he’s the most pleasant guy, with lots of stories to tell. Since this years’ fisl was so intense, I barely had time to talk to him… in fact, that was the first time we saw each other this year. We hug each other and were asking how’s each other life’s going and so, when Jon got his camera out of his pocket and asked some guy in the crowd to get our picture. I did the same. We exchanged some compliments and he left saying that he still had to work in his talk.

Jon is quite a character. In fisl, every time he wanders around his picture is taken over one hundred times (I actually saw some father taking pictures of him holding his child like he were running for Senate or something, one time). So he left with some people around him and I think he’d not seen what happened next. I turn towards Debian’s booth, to resume the cake delivery when some guy in the crowd asked me to take a picture with him. And then another one… and another. I believe my picture was taken another two or three times before I got to the booth. I can’t believe! I was about to tell people “Hey! I am nobody! Stop taking pictures with me…” What were they thinking? I imagine something like “I don’t know who this guy is, but if Maddog took a picture with him, he must be some one!” was crossing their minds.

When the party was over I went back to the Organization Committee room and told this story… LTSP’s Jim McQuillan (another good friend) told me I was “Important by Association”, and everybody just kept laughing at me because of that. I haven’t got the time to tell Jon about it… I hope he’s reading.

I think I am going to check what pictures people are uploading about fisl, to see if I can find myself on any 😉

fisl9.0: 2nd day

Posted by – 19/04/2008

They’ve came down with a participant number for fisl9.0: 7417. That’s it… over SEVEN THOUSAND! I was told it’s still an estimate, since they haven’t merged the databases yet (anyway, that’s the official number so far). This fisl is huge! One more picture of the crowd, just for the record:

Now everything is fine. TVSL went online with no problems (once the network was fixed) and remained broadcasting the event the whole day long. All was so fine that one can think it’s even boring! I spent half the day attending our company booth and the other half trying to help the organizing committee. While walking around, two linux-driven home-made robots called my attention. The first one serves water to the guy in front of it:

The other one just walks around:

On the Debian side of the “trench”, I met João Eriberto Mota Filho, Debian Developer wannabe who asked me to sign his key. I’ve seem he before, since he’s a frequent speaker at fisl and welcome him as a future developer. Meanwhile I was “reminded” by faw that I still owe him my signature… since DebConf4!! I signed so many keys in the KSP we held then, that one or two might have been missed… I intend to fix that RSN 😉

fisl9.0: T-48h

Posted by – 16/04/2008

We are at T-48h of fisl9.0, and everything starts to take form. I spent the whole afternoon getting our icecast infrastructure online. We’ve got 6 servers, all with different bandwidth and not all with the same architecture… The debian boxes were prevalent (4 of them – 1 amd64 and 3 i386), all of them etch. We’ll be able to follow the statistics at tvstats website (not all the servers are enlisted yet).

In this process I found an evil bug in debian’s icecast package, I will have to debug to understand it better: when relaying from a master server (which is our set-up), if the source stops feeding the master, the relay segfaults. The strace shows it just segfaults while pooling… I got no explanation for it and I’ll have to dissect it if I want to build a proper bug report. In the meantime, I installed the sarge-backports version, and it worked… so, the bug report will have to wait until after fisl 🙂

I took some pictures to show how’s everything being put together. Take a look:

And some of the infrastructure crew:

See you all there!