Month: May 2014

Goodbye Jorte, hello ownCloud

Posted by – 30/05/2014

After I migrated from Palm Treo to Android phones, I was very displeased with the Calendar application. I don’t use Google Apps (my phone is AOSP), which only leaves me with (argh!) Exchange for online-synced calendar. Besides, the first incarnations of the Calendar application in AOSP were barely usable.

So I just went for a standalone free (as in beer) Calendar application named Jorte, which is really good. Recently, I’ve been investigating ownCloud and CalDAV, and decided to review the state of current AOSP Calendar application. To my surprise, it have evolved a lot (to the point of being usable), but still no CalDAV sync.

So I found DAVdroid in F-droid repository, which is an interesting application that can register a CalDAV account that is usable by AOSP Calendar. So, now, I am able to use ownCloud calendaring, ownCloud CalDAV server and my phone, and, since free-as-in-speech software is much better than free-as-in-beer, I decided to ditch Jorte.

But Jorte doesn’t have an option to export its data to an Icalendar file (why make things easy, right?). All it spits is a csv-file as a backup. (As a side-note, Jorte seems to intentionally not provide an Icalendar-file export option… as the ‘rrule’ field they use in the csv follow the same rules Icalendar standard dictates, they might be using it internally). Since this is pretty trivial stuff, I just coded a Ruby script to do the job. I released it to my github repo, just in case anyone else finds it useful.