ConQuest DICOM Server

Posted by – 03/04/2014

I’ve been busy with Real Life™ lately, but I managed to get some time to work on ConQuest DICOM Server packaging for Debian. I’m almost reaching upload state. The work can be checked at GitHub.

It’s compiled for i386 in an unsigned APT repo, if anybody wants to play with it before I upload. These are the sources:

# Wheezy
deb spectra-wheezy/
# Sid
deb spectra-sid/
# Ubuntu Saucy
deb spectra-saucy/

Enjoy it.

3 Comments on ConQuest DICOM Server

  1. spectra says:

    @Éloi Rivard,

    I uploaded it to Debian archive. Official Ubuntu support is not in my plans for the time being.

    Are you testing it? I can upload an unofficial amd64 compiled version to people.d.o if it helps you testing it.

  2. Éloi Rivard says:

    Also, do you plan to supply a 64bits package ?

  3. Éloi Rivard says:

    Thanks for your work.
    Do you plan to submit your pacagkes to the official Debian / Ubuntu repositories ?

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