Month: December 2012

Nostalgia time

Posted by – 03/12/2012

My parents will soon be moving to a smaller home, so they are digging up a lot of stuff of my sister and mine past. Among my stuff, they just sent me my first computer (which was, of course, the first computer of my father’s company I was using in the spare time). I couldn’t believe they kept that. It was an Unitron Apple ][ 64K!! I just had it cleaned and took this picture:

Due to the closed informatics market Brazilians were subject to at the time, it came with a full set of manuals in Portuguese which taught me how to code in Basic (I was too young to learn English at the time)… Interesting how a bad policy like that can result in a Good Thing™ sometimes. ­čÖé

Is it just me or does this picture made you nostalgic also?