Zotero and note-taking

Posted by – 24/06/2012

I was looking for an excuse to try Zotero and the perfect opportunity appeared when I got a whole lot of references to group for a month of Magnetic Ressonance studies I am currently taking. I was also pleased to notice it is packaged to Debian.

I am used to note-taking software. Back when I used a Palm m130 (and a Treo 650), I managed a lot of Memos I eventually migrated to Note-Everything in my current Android phone. Zotero, unfortunatelly, is not interfaceable with my phone (or I was still unable to figure out how to do so), but it’s powerful in managing references… beyond simple note-taking.

Is anyone using Zotero in a more ambitious way? I’ve read about people using it to keep large researchs to support fiction and non-fiction book-writing… I also watched some YouTube videos on it. As far as I went with it, Zotero might become an important piece in my toolbox wrt reference keeping, so I was just trying to figure out how many other niches it can fill…

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  1. Karol says:

    I was using it to store and search research papers. But when I got to more than 500 papers, zotero was very slow.

    • Gem says:

      Karol, I found I had the same issue with Zotero and Mendeley. For that reason I don’t store pdfs within Zotero itself. I just import the references and store the documents in dropbox. I actually prefer that as it means I create notes on themes rather than constantly connecting them to the articles.

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