Annoyed by F10 key in gnome-terminal?

Posted by – 23/03/2012

I am one of those people that like to map Fx keys to special functions. After all, that’s what F-unction keys are for, right?

So, one of the first things I do once I have to configure a new Desktop is disable F10-capture by gnome-terminal. It has been working flawlessly, until I begin using GNOME3. No matter what, F10 was still being captured.

I found that this is a bug and that adding the following:

@binding-set NoKeyboardNavigation {
	unbind "<shift>F10"
* {
	gtk-key-bindings: NoKeyboardNavigation

to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css serves as a workaround.

Hope this helps people with the same problem.

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  1. Indeed, I had exactly the same problem! I set the correct settings in gnome-terminal, but F10 simply stopped working. Thanks for the fix.

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