Migrating from Mephisto to WordPress

Posted by – 12/03/2012

Just as I promised yesterday, I pushed a new git repo with my fork of the tool I used to migrate my old Mephisto blog to this new WordPress one.

I forked because the tool have not worked the first time. First of all, I was missing uuidtools gem, and to install it would be a pain inside the jail system I used to run my blog. Too much trouble just to get a UUID we can get by other means… so I just added an environment variable UUIDGEN anyone can use to point to a tool to do the job. I know this have performance implications, but I am not talking about 10-thousand entries…

Then, I found out that, for some odd reason I still have to understand, WordPress was cutting my articles everytime it read a “à” character. I could study the subject, but I just added a #gsub in mephisto-to-wxr code and moved on. I was about to remove it from the repo, but I left it there since it could help other people. Also, since there might be other similar occurrences, leaving it there serves as a heads up.

Also, I added support for Categories and Tags to mephisto-to-wxr, that seemed to be limitedly accepted (I translated Mephisto Sections into WordPress Categories).

All other activities were just clean-up. That tool generated a .WXR with all the articles and comments from my Mephisto blog. Everything I had to do was import it using WordPress import tool.

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