XMPP4R-Observable now on GemCutter

Posted by – 10/10/2009

Just a quick update: XMPP4R-Observable is now on GemCutter. That’s due to GitHub disabling gem building, and although everybody can get the source from GitHub as usual, those who want to quickly install it using Rubygems can do:

bash$ gem install xmpp4r-observable -s http://gemcutter.org

Happy Hacking.

2 Comments on XMPP4R-Observable now on GemCutter

  1. spectra says:

    I am not sure I understood your comment. I was not advertising “manual installation”, at all. I was just communicating where people can find the gem for XMPP4R-Observable since it’s not on GitHub anymore. Also… it’s not “in Debian” (yet… I might be uploading it soon). For Ruby libraries, using Rubygems is pretty standard, AFAICT.

  2. For $deity sake, please don’t advertise the use of “manual installation” for software in Debian (and other serious distribution).

    The point of packages isn’t just make it easy to install packages.
    Packages are usefult to:

    • Version/compatibility checking among current packages (“dependencies”)
    • Ensure the package is upgraded when the distribution is upgraded
    • Provide security updates
    • Track the use of a package, so $APT can remove it when it isn’t used anymore

    We aren’t on ${proprietary} software, where people have to manually download, check dependencies, and install software

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