Good reading: Empire Rising by Sam Barone

Posted by – 13/09/2009

I usually don’t write about this, but along with technical and medicine books, I am always reading some fiction book. It began as an habit (every night I read some pages) when I was a teenager and now it became an addiction. I am always looking for good fiction books to read.

About 3 months ago I bought a pocket book (Dawn of Empire) by a first-time author (Sam Barone), and found it such a good story that I finished it in about a week and began looking for the sequence (Empire Rising). The story is about the dawn of civilization in Mesopotamia, and how humans left their days as nomadic tribes/clans in order to build villages and farms, and all the challenges that such a change brings along with it (including building and maintaining empires).

It took until last week for my favorite bookstore to get Empire Rising to me, and I almost finished it already. So far I have to say it is even better than the first one!

So this is for the fiction books fans: get these two books at once! It’s amazing how a first-time author managed to write such great books. Sam Barone is really someone to keep an eye on. I am already looking forward his next books.

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