Montevideo, finally

Posted by – 01/08/2009

After our almost landing in Montevideo, we finally managed to land there the day after, but not without emotion: the plane had to go up one more time before finally landing at MVD. Again they told us the winds were too strong, but at least they haven’t brought us back to Porto Alegre this time.

We spent 4 days in Montevideo (would be 5, but we lost one due to those winds) and 3 days in Colonia. Montevideo is really beautiful. I was told by many people that had gone there before, that I would like it, and I was not disappointed at all. There was almost no traffic, taxis were really cheap (so that I gave up renting a car – going by bus was a good option, but with such cheap taxis we just decided against waiting in the cold for the bus), people are kind, food is really good and there’s enough history to keep Brenda and I happy.

Of course I took some pictures:

Above I am standing in front of the Palacio Legislativo) (where people representatives make the country law).

Nearby our hotel we walked in front of Parva Domus Magna Quies, which is a kind of relaxation and contemplation brotherhood that began with a fisherman society in 1878. Amazingly Google knows so little about it (this was the best I could find) and I found nobody that could add to it. Nevertheless I took a picture of the inscription:

Another place I really wanted to visit was Estadio Centenario, and although it was closed I managed to convince the gatekeeper to allow me to take some pictures. Here is one:

At night, Montevideo offers a lot of options and, of course, we went to a lot of Parilladas and visited some “must-go” places (such as the Bar Fun Fun). All in all, a good place to visit, even if you just have a couple of days.

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