I hate Joey Hess

Posted by – 10/07/2009

OK. I don’t actually hate him… It’s just that I also wanted to buy a Palm Pre and install Debian in it… But living in Brazil and using GSM makes that really hard today. Maybe he can advance me some info: can I migrate my data from my Palm Treo 650 to a Palm Pre? (Anyway, if that is not possible, I’ll just run J-Pilot inside the thing 😉 ).

Good luck with your new toy. Keep us posted!

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  1. Delto Bona says:

    AFAICT, by reading FAQs and other stuff on Palm Pre (good link: http://i.gizmodo.com/5133554/palm-pre-the-definitive-faq ), it has a completely different concept. You’ll grab your contacts from applications like Facebook, Gmail, etc. So, I guess you’ll have to upload your contacts to one of these apps, then Palm Pre will get it on-the-fly.

    Also, I read there’s a Palm Classic emulator, so I believe you can just copy-paste your old PalmOS applications from your Treo 650 into it, to easy the transition.

    Being Brazilian also, I wonder how long will it take to get here. Also, tt seems that a GSM version of the Pre will make a heavy use of 3G data networks, and these are crap in Brazil… So, I’d stick to the Treo for now…

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