Month: June 2009

FISL10 day 4

Posted by – 29/06/2009

Today I finally went to attend some lectures. I decided that since I was to give one and Arena was over, I was allowed to just sit there and pretend I was just attending FISL10 and not organizing it.

Well, first things first. My lecture was on my fork to implement PubSub in XMPP4R-Simple. Nothing really fancy, just describing what we’re doing in Propus with that fork. I can upload the slides if somebody asks to, but everything there’s to know about it is in the code.

After having had lunch with some friends and talking with others I haven’t seen since last year (and that I still hadn’t seen in FISL), I went to the Key Signing Party we organized. That went fine. We had 114 different keys sent, but just 42 showed up for the party (including my 2). I don’t know what is the average in other parties, but I think it was enough given we had the competition of other 12 other activities, and it was a first-time experience.

Later I attended to High-Speed Cryptography and DNSCurve lecture by DJB, which was a really amazing talk. I was moderator for a panel between him and Frederico Neves on Wednesday (as I told you before), and I was present when they debated about NSEC3 and how prone to enumeration attacks it is. Frederico challenged DJB to enumerate’s NSEC3 testing network under In this talk he told the audience that he enumerated 23 of the 26 hosts in that network just using desktop-level computers (and not some fancy Gigaflop crypto-breaker station)… that is until he had to prepare the last talk. (I am guessing, but he described the technique here)…

After I just learned how to Fail Faster and Succeed Sooner with Michael Tiemann, another good lecture in which Tiemann told how Fedora is coming from failure to failure until the successful last releases (and how did that tied up with RHEL strategy).

Then I went to the Panel on Electronic Frontier, one I was most curious to go. Really interesting panel talking about freedom in the Internet and how we, as citizens, have to oppose anything that takes away this freedom. One of the many good ideas I learned from that panel was how to fight against traffic shaping (one of the many things almost all ISP does in Brazil and don’t say a word about): building our own Community ISP. I found it an interesting idea, but have to research on how it fits in Brazilian legislation (it may even be unlawful).

My initial intent was to escape before the end of that panel in order to attend the session were DJB would announce this year’s Programming Arena winner group. But before I could get out, Marcelo Branco called me to join the panel in his place, since he had to take care of the proceedings to FISL10 final session. So that was it. I still have to ask Organization Committee who own the Arena…

The final session was kind of crazy. The usual announcements of numbers and a presentation of a piece of President Lula speech. Jon ‘maddog’ Hall recorded a video of the audience inviting Linus to come. It were also announced that FISL11 will be in Usina do Gasômetro. I am not too excited about this place, and I still doubt it’ll be ready to hold an event such as FISL… I’ll just play “wait and see” 😉

As usual, FISL10 most lasting “side-effect” was to see old friends. I am already missing people I am sure I’ll just see again next FISL

I’d like to thank all the people that came to FISL10. Hope you enjoyed and come back for FISL11.

FISL10 day 3 – the day I met the President

Posted by – 28/06/2009

I am a little behind on the reports on FISL, but so much has got my attention during it that blogging was just put in second. I will catch up today, hopefully.

So, during the night of day 2, all those measures I mentioned had to be put in place. That was when I learned that I was suppose to be one of the selected lecturers to meet President Lula in private, representing small free software companies (how awesome!). Others include Peter Sunde, Bdale Garbee, Jon ‘maddog’ Hall, Richard Stallman, Marcelo Tosatti, Pau Garcia-Milá, Sérgio Amadeu, Marcos Mazoni, Ana Amorin, Bruno Souza, Marcelo Branco, Sady Jacques and Mário Teza.

I was told to dress accordingly… I asked what “accordingly” meant (we were in a free software event: jeans and t-shirt seemed “accordingly” to me)… but no reasoning was taken: I had to wear a tie.

Next day I went to PUCRS early, in order to prepare some lines and gather some data I could mention to the President. Something like Free Software adoption rate, which is around 26% per year, or the 134 million USD that this market moved just last year. I would also ask the President to enforce the Free Software priority in training programs sponsored by the Federal Government. I knew I would not have time for a speech or the like, and that this would be more an informal meeting… This, though, was even more difficult to prepare (I would prefer a speech!).

So, I got my pin and went to the Arena to wait for the scheduled evacuation, after which, I was told to wait in the private room, for the President arrival. I was there with the rest of the selected lecturers, so I couldn’t see when he arrived. People told me that he went all around the exposition area, and the user group area, shaking hands and being photographed with everybody there. He even entered the Programming Arena and told the contenders they were “genius” (after all, the Programming Arena was his idea, 3 years ago). People in Debian booth told me he entered the booth and wore a Debian hat…

When he finally entered the private room, everybody had about 2-3 minutes with him in the middle of a circle. Presidential photographer took lots of pictures we were told will be sent to us later this week, but of course some of us also took our own pictures. Some of those are below, taken from Sergio Amadeu’s camera:

Marcelo Branco, President Lula and I

Peter Sunde, Sérgio Amadeu, Marcelo Tosatti - in blue, behind Sérgio -, Richard Stallman, I, Bdale Garbee, Dep. Paulo Pimenta, and President Lula

Jon ‘maddog’ Hall gave him a Tux pin and a DVD with a animation produced only with Free Software (I cannot recall the title). Richard Stallman gave him a printed version of his book. Marcos Mazoni gave him a small totem with the stamp celebrating 10 years of FISL (the stamp was an idea I had two years ago but that we couldn’t do by ourselves – Mazoni’s SERPRO had the same idea and actually did it), and all others (including myself) just told him what we where there for. For me, in particular, he asked where I was born and how I went from being a doctor to own a free software company. I had the impression somebody already told him about me beforehand (Mário or Marcelo, for sure). I told him I was doing both right now… he smiled, hugged me and went on to the next of us.

After that, we were told to take our places in the audience room (FISL3 room in the map), where we heard Marcelo Branco, FISL10 coordinator, Dilma Rousseff, minister of Civil House (and appointed to succeed Lula), and President Lula. It’s easy to find this audience in youtube. Most interesting part of Lula speech, IMHO, can be loosely translated into English as:

I remember the first meeting we had at Granja do Torto [which is the presidential country residence – similar to Camp David, but less aristocratic], in which I understood absolutely nothing about what these people were discussing, and there was an enormous tension between those defending the adoption of Free Software by Brazil and those defending we should just do what we always did – remain the same, buying and paying for others’ intelligence. Thanks God, in our country, the decision to adopt Free Software prevailed.

He also said many things that pleased the audience. People raised a banner asking him to block Azeredo’s bill, and he said the bill was equivalent to censorship and that in Brazil it is “forbidden to forbid”.

After those speeches, he went to some other appointments, and the day 3 of FISL10 was over. I just wish that, if any President comes to FISL again, we’d be warned in advance, so we can prepare the map accordingly, and not have to run last-minute preparations. All in all, a great participation. I think all the hassle we had because of his coming were hugely compensated by what he said.

FISL10 day 2

Posted by – 26/06/2009

Today was a busy day for the Organization Committee. As faw told me: some people from Debian haven’t even see me yet… But all this have a reason: President Lula confirmed his coming and all his security personnel flooded FISL and asked a lot of things from the Committee.

We had to “partition” FISL. They draw a red area in our map:

and demanded that only 700 people (less than 10% of the people!!!) could access that area. We had to work all day, organizing a list of 400 people that had to work in there (people from booths, user groups, programming arena, robotics festival, etc). Those will receive a special pin. The other 300 spots, will be served in a counter that goes up and down (after 300 has entered, the only way of another person get in is someone getting out).

By noon, federal police will evacuate the red area, and will screen it (I believe looking for bombs or something like that). At 13h only those wearing the pin and the circulating 300 will be allowed back.

President will arrive by 15h. He’s scheduled to visit the red area (including the programming arena – Yeah!), then he should go into a private meeting with selected lecturers and people in Brazilian Free Software Community. Afterwards he should, himself, give a lecture in Room FISL3 (also marked in red). President will leave for other appointments and, hopefully, FISL will go back to normality.

So, all the demands from Federal Police and from the community took all day long to settle. I couldn’t attend to the sessions I wanted, nor hang out with people from Debian… Hopefully, I will not be dragged by the Organization tomorrow so I can give my lecture and attend the key signing party on Saturday… Don’t get me wrong: this is a great day for FISL (and Free Software in general) – a President of a large and democratic nation is acknowledging our existence and labour. But having to restrict access in a part of FISL is not something that pleases me (and I am sure doesn’t please the rest of the Committee). Anyways… on to day 3.

find | while read var; do something “$var”; done

Posted by – 25/06/2009

Essa vai para a galera que scripta muito bash. É a milésima vez que tenho de repetir esse comando para alguém (na milésima-primeira eu desisto e ponho no blog para referência ;-)).

O pessoal fica estressado com nomes de arquivos com espaços, ou tentando usar xargs com mais de um comando. No loop while você pode colocar o conjunto de comandos que quiser para executar sobre a variável em questão:

bash$ find ~/photos | while read foto; do mogrify -resize 800x "$foto"; done

Simples e eficiente.

FISL10 day 1

Posted by – 24/06/2009

FISL10 began, as usual, with lots of people from lots of places packing PUCRS’ event center in Porto Alegre. This is indeed a special edition! The official numbers are not yet computed; as I write the counter reached 7168 attendees… But since the database has been running locally yesterday on, people that registered at PUCRS are not yet counted… Registration team will merge the databases eventually, but that’s not their top priority right now.

So, this year I am not helping TVSL, which is being taken care of by Luis Felipe instead. He’s been doing a good work and there could be nobody else better than him. My quality of life increased dramatically by letting TVSL in Felipe’s hands… Maybe this year I manage to actually attend to some sessions, and to hang out with Debian guys.

This year I will partially take care of the Programming Arena. The challenge was revealed today and 11 “heroes” are, right now, trying to respond to it. It has been requested that they implement DNSCurve. They could have no better coach at this than D. J. Bernstein, who has been helping them both at the Arena and through the Arena private mailing-list.

Earlier, DJB also were in DNSCurve x DNSSEC panel, one of the most interesting technical sessions so far (bias warning: I was moderator for it). DJB and Frederico Neves (from exchanged arguments exposing interesting details of both secure DNS alternatives.

Also, today we got the confirmation from Brazilian Presidency that the President will attend our event. It will be on Friday, and I am too excited to hear what he has to say about free software government policies. (Apparently, apart from Linus, we managed to get everybody to show up in FISL 😉 ).

I am also taking care of the Key Signing Party. This has been a rather good experience, since it requires almost nothing from me (except preparing the keylist and showing up at the scheduled time and place) :-).

See you tomorrow, at FISL!

Propus no Zero Hora

Posted by – 22/06/2009

Diversos amigos me ligaram ou mandaram email para me informar que saí no Zero Hora de domingo, na seção “Dinheiro”. Obviamente eu sabia que tinham tirado nossa foto lá na sede da empresa, mas eu pensava que era para o especial de quarta-feira, que, com certeza, será sobre o FISL… De modo que essa matéria também me pegou de surpresa 🙂

Outra foto nossa saiu no Blog da Vanessa.

Obrigado aos que ligaram comentando o assunto. Nos vemos no FISL10.

Dez razões para não perder o FISL10 de jeito nenhum!

Posted by – 19/06/2009

O FISL tem se tornado, ao longo dos anos, uma data marcada com destaque na agenda de todos os usuários e desenvolvedores de Software Livre da América Latina (do Mundo?)… Não somente deles, na realidade… Os profissionais de TI e todo o ecossitema na volta da Informática está cada vez mais consciente do Software Livre. É com orgulho que digo isso, já que tenho feito parte da organização desse evento… No entanto, essa edição vai estar imperdível! Eis os motivos para que ache isso:

  1. Reencontrar os amigos. O FISL sempre teve esse “viés” social. É muito bom encontrar em carne e osso as pessoas com quem você se relaciona apenas eletronicamente a maioria do tempo. Nesse sentido o FISL sempre me lembrou dos antigos encontros de SysOps ou de usuários de uma ou outra BBS… Bons tempos aqueles.
  2. Encontrar ícones do Software Livre. E temos muitos esse ano! Desde o fundador do movimento (Richard M. Stallman) passando por gente proeminente (como o Michael Tiemann) até membros controversos (Peter Sunde). Isso também é uma característica do FISL: hackers são hackers… Tenham renome e reconhecimento internacional ou não. O trabalho desses ícones não é mais importante do que do anônimo, que luta em um Telecentro comunitário para ensinar crianças carentes e programar… No FISL, eles estão lado-a-lado.
  3. Participar das oficinas. E teremos oficinas muito legais esse ano! Imperdível, por exemplo, a sessão de Kernel Hacking, em que hackers do Kernel ensinarão como participar de seu desenvolvimento.
  4. Ter sua chave assinada por um montão de gente. Até ontem já tínhamos quase 100 chaves inscritas na Festa de Assinatura de Chaves e até o dia 21, quando as inscrições para a festa encerram, seguramente superaremos esse número. (Corra!).
  5. Tentar participar na Arena (sim ainda dá tempo de tentar! Tá valendo 3 Android G1!), ou torcer pelo seu grupo preferido. Além disso, o desafio da Arena será bastante relevante… Pena que não posso revelar mais detalhes 😉
  6. Participar do festival de Robótica Livre… Uma novidade do FISL. Se você tem habilidade suficiente (eu, com certeza, não me incluo nesse grupo) de repente até conseguir alguns planos para montar o seu próprio robozinho…
  7. Tomar uma cerveja (ou refrigerante, suco, etc) com o Peter Sunde (e mais uma galera) no Bar Ocidente.
  8. Distribuir o seu currículo em troca de brindes (ou não)… Sempre é bom ter opções no mercado de trabalho em expansão do Software Livre. Muitas empresas expositoras estão contratando e, com certeza, no FISL elas encontram um grande “celeiro” de talentos entre os participantes.
  9. Atualizar-se com os temas das “Desconferências”, ou debater “Música Para Baixar” no Festival de Cultura Livre. Muita gente acha que o FISL deveria ser mais técnico e tal… Mas a Cultura Livre representa a vitória da nossa filosofia no campo Cultural. Sim! O Software Livre está ensinando a sociedade… Quão legal pode ser isso? (De qualquer forma, pela quantidade e qualidade das sessões técnicas, acho que todos ficarão satisfeitos esse ano).
  10. Conferir as surpresas que estão sendo preparadas. Todos os anos tem alguma, mas esse ano valerá bastante a pena… Podem acreditar!

Os contrastes que o FISL proporciona é o que mais me chama atenção nesse evento. Em que outro lugar você pode ver líderes de corporações, empresários, governantes com toda a segurança ao redor circulando em meio a juventude, aos hackers, aos estudantes e pesquisadores? De um lado, pessoas dando um tempo, lendo emails com o notebook no colo sentados no chão; de outro, grandes negócios sendo fechados por engravatados de grandes empresas. Algumas pessoas acham isso inconveniente, mas eu acho isso fantástico! Icônico até! Uma representação muito interessante dos novos tempos…

Veja… eu sou a fonte mais suspeita para falar do FISL: como eu já disse, tenho orgulho desse evento. Por isso resolvi limitar em 10 as razões nesse artigo (mais do que isso tenho certeza que começaria a ser muito parcial). Obviamente, excluí as razões que se repetem todos os anos… Independentemente disso, cada um tem a sua razão para participar no FISL. Qual é a sua?

PetitionOnline fora do ar!

Posted by – 12/06/2009

Algumas pessoas me mandaram email me informando que o contador de assinaturas na petição contra o PL do Sen. Azeredo está zerado. Calma. Isso não é um erro aqui. O PetitionOnline está fora do ar… aí não tenho dados para compor o contador. Está tudo funcionando… assim que o site voltar a atividade, o contador deve recomeçar onde parou.

Três Androids G1 de barbada e eu fora!

Posted by – 08/06/2009

É nessas horas que participar da organização do FISL cobra o seu preço… A Arena de Programação vai premiar com um celular Android G1 (cortesia do Google) os três vencedores desse ano!

Pra piorar a minha situação, o desafio desse ano (tradicionalmente um filtro difícil) não está lá essas coisas… No entanto, ninguém da organização pode participar, isso significa que, se quiser um Android G1 vou ter de comprar um…

Boa sorte aos que conseguirem resolver o desafio.

Keysigning Party at FISL10

Posted by – 03/06/2009

We’ll be holding a Keysigning Party at FISL10. This will be a good opportunity to renew my key, given I’ve been using it since 2001 and it’s an old 1024 DSA key.

I have to thank Aníbal Monsalve Salazar and Alexander Wirt for sharing their expertise in organizing this kind of event. More information on the KSP can be obtained from the announcement.