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Posted by – 16/05/2009

Just this week I went to the movies to check the latest incarnation of Cap. Kirk, Mr. Spock et al. It really was a great movie… I was expecting less, I have to admit. But the movie was not bad at all…

With all that “space and beyond” thing in my mind, yesterday I was surprised with a greatly inspiring picture taken from Hubble Florida, before STS-125 reach Hubble (thanks Florian Weimer for the heads-up):

How inspiring can that be?

You can find the original here, along with the explanation of how and when it was taken.

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  1. spectra says:

    @Florian, fixed, thanks.

    @Marius, I hadn’t seen… another great picture!

  2. Have you seen the picture that shows both a shuttle and the ISS silhouetted against the sun?

  3. The picture hasn’t got to do much with Hubble, though…

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