Alright! I surrender: Git rules!

Posted by – 05/02/2009

Everybody seems to be using git these days… I am not very found of “hypes”, as I told you before, but there’s been some time I’ve been evaluating git. I was happy with svk for quite a long time… Lately, though, I’ve been developing and extending a lot of ruby libraries, and all of them seem to be hosted at GitHub and using git… So, why not give it a serious try?

I chose a simple task on my TODO-list: to extend xmpp4r-simple to support XMPP PubSub, so I could use it in an internal project at my company. So I “cloned” its git repo and started developing. Not a really hard task, since all I had to do was use the underlying library (xmpp4r – not surprisingly also in GitHub) and mimic what Blaine’s done for the callbacks and it was ready (and working… although I still need to put more time on the test suite).

I am still exploring… It will take some time to migrate my stuff (and maybe a lot will remain in my company’s Subversion), but that’s what git-svn is for, isn’t it? Right now I am looking for ways to work with git-buildpackage and Debian git tools… Do you have some advice on that?

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  1. spectra says:


    Thanks. Very useful.

  2. tetsuro says:

    I found real good notes on Git in Debian here:

  3. Russ Allbery says:

    My notes on using Git with Debian packaging are at:

  4. danny says:

    if u still have doubts about git, i found very interesting

  5. Alberto Freitas says:

    Hello. Have you checked They have interesting tips on distro-agnostic packaging using Git (mostly debian). Also, I think Martin Kraft have good insights on the issue.

    Btw, welcome aboard github!

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