I feel so old

Posted by – 22/01/2009

I don’t know… maybe it’s because my birthday is coming (Feb 10th)… or maybe because my wife’s birthday is around the corner (Jan 26th), but I am feeling too old these days. I know, though, that at least part of it is due to Web 2.0!

I feel like being the last geek still using my own mail server (everybody else is using Google Apps) and a console-based MUA (I am using Mutt for as long as I remember… everybody else seems to be on Google’s Gmail). I still don’t have a Twitter or an Identi.ca account. I still use my ICQ account! I never got an OpenID. Just yesterday I was lost in a conversation about Google Reader!

I am a lost case… Is this how it is to become an ‘old days’ geek? Now I know what those bearded geeks from the 70s felt…

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  1. spectra says:


    xpdf-tools have a pdftotext application that converts that to text, so you can check it with Vim or Emacs.

  2. spectra says:


    Sure I am not ‘old’ as in ‘aged’ (after all, I am not even 30 yet)… And of course all these are just trends and hypes… What I meant is that I used to follow those trends (I actually ran a dial-up BBS – on DOS! I had a 6 number ICQ account!)… Now I just can’t keep up with it… and when I think about that, things like “Life was easier back then” or “I had all the time in the world” comes to my mind, and I realize that I heard all those before… from my father! So this is why I feel so old.

    I liked to hear that old friends of mine also feel the same (thanks faw and kov)… Also LOL with Julien’s comment. Maybe it’s just as mirabilos said: we just have better things to do, right?


    Pablo (the classical geek 😉 )

  3. toots says:

    Don’t worry. I might be younger than you. I have my own mail server, I try to use gmail’s webinterface as less as possible, but use a GUI for reading mails. I have MSN and facebook, but not tweeter, and don’t care at all about openID..

    These are just trends. I you want some revenge, just think about the stupid buzz-addicts that switched to KDE 4.0 because it was shinny and new. In the place I worked, a stagiaire switched every computer to KDE 4.0 in the practice rooms for students. Now, it is a complete mess and they don’t know how to switch back !! haha 😀

    When I posted my opinion about it on planet debian, I was told that I was from the old age, that I was free to stay with my antique softwares, but that debian had to go on… Well hopefully we did not1, and for the good !

    1 Unlike another distribution that I won’t quote, which did for KDE and various other software and now has a buggy latest release..

  4. Coucouf says:


    I just read your post and felt good. I sometimes feel
    I’m quite yound still, and I don’t use any of Google services either, I’m not quite sure what openid or twitter can be. Moreover I’m setting up a mostly console machine and I’ve just had my first look at mutt yesterday !
    Just how productive you can be with console tools regularly stuns me. Emacs and aptitude are already my friends and I hope mutt will become one soon.

    By the way I’m looking for a console PDF reader… 🙂

  5. Gee! You just make me feel better. 🙂 Although I’m not only using mutt, I do use it a lot, specially because I ran my own mail server (which reminds me that someday, we should join forces to make our lives easier. I’m still an ICQ user (without MSN) and I don’t have twitter, identi.ca or OpenID, so you’re definitely not alone!

  6. mirabilos says:

    Don’t, I understand. All this web stuff is… weird. But not following hypes isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes, these older are actually following them… we just have better things to do, right?

    PS: pine forever! SCNR

  7. I know how you feel. I don’t thinking not giving yourself up to the hypes is getting old. I must say I am against doing something out of tradition – we don’t need to keep ourselves tied to limitations when new tools come around to helps us overcome them, but we also don’t need to do something just because we need. If we have no problem, why solve it?

  8. Not so bad to be like this… Just don’t say you are old… no way! You are a classical geek… 😀

  9. Thomas says:

    Don’t give up. You’re not alone.

  10. Excelente post. Achei muito interessante 🙂

    Eu no caso, sou exatamente o teu oposto. Testo tudo que é novo e adoro essas novidades 🙂


  11. Paul Adams says:

    Do as I do… Configure mutt to read your GMail!

    I also do not use Twitter (it’s too narcissistic for my liking) or ideti.ca (likewise). I never used ICQ have an IRC account on Freenode and have no need for openID.

    And hey, I’m only just 25.

  12. Vitor Ávila says:

    Lendo isso eu acabo de me sentir velho também…
    Nunca consegui seguir essas tendências de twitter entre outros!!!

  13. Omari says:

    No, you’re not far behind. I used to use my own mail server and Mutt as well. But I stopped doing this because it leads to problems when I’m trying to download or send attachments. I’ve seen this posed as a Mutt problem, which isn’t fair—I’d have the same problem if I used Thunderbird. Mutt actually is fantastic with attachments, if you’re sitting at the same machine where the attachments are. I know I could set up my own webmail system, like Squirrelmail or something, which before seemed too hard but now doesn’t seem so bad so I might try it. Maybe Squirrelmail when I need webmail, and Mutt and Offline IMAP otherwise.

    Generally I don’t mind my antique software as I use Debian stable on my desktop systems without complaint.

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