Lenny in the Asus EEE PC 901 – day 2

Posted by – 18/12/2008

Really, now is the day 3… I am just considering this day 2 for I had to do a lot of things again due to my dumbness. Let me explain:

I had a desktop environment in place (with fluxbox), wired network, and most of my daily softwares (Iceweasel, X-Chat, Pidgin, GkRellM), then I decided to test the Suspend-to-Disk… At first, it seemed to work well: I made a swap file for uswsusp, just as documented… what is not documented is that this file must be outside the encrypted partition!

So, when I turned it on again, an error telling me about some corruption in the opened luks partition. I though “OK, something gone mad, just a matter of running an e2fsck”. So I booted with the netinst pendrive, opened the luks partition and ran it with -y. Everything seemed to be corrupted!!! It spend almost 5 minutes fixing bogus inodes and stuff before I decided to interrupt the process… this “fixed” filesystem would never work anyway.

So I began from scratch… All over again. When I got into a working base-system, some other thought stroke me: what if Brenda were to use rohan (have I mentioned the name is rohan? I name all my machines after places in Middle-earth)? So, a minimal “user-friendly” desktop is needed… After some research, I decided to go for LXDE. This is a minimalist desktop with OpenBox as the window-manager. I’ve been using FluxBox for a long time now, so running another BlackBox-based would not be such a problem.

LXDE is quite good. So far, everything I expected is working fine….

Then I decided it’s time to move on to configure the Wi-Fi stuff. I installed the RT2860 modules from Debian/EEEPC Repository and added rt2860sta to /etc/modules. At first I was worried that some reports of it not working with WEP showed up in a Google Search… But nothing could be smoother! I installed wicd and it detected our WEP AP like a charm (and a bunch of other APs nearby)… after entering our key it just connected fine and I’ve been using it since… no glitches so far.

I would like to play a little more, but I called the day since I got a lot of work going on… Next item planned is the webcam…

3 Comments on Lenny in the Asus EEE PC 901 – day 2

  1. Carlos Adir Netto says:

    Are you going to give us some pictures of that rohan of yours?

  2. Glad it worked out so well. The webcam is really trivial. Should take 5 minutes, tops. Just ensure it is enabled in the BIOS, modprobe uvcvideo and you’re good to go with luvcview.

  3. If you use a swap partition then it can be encrypted as long as the
    tools to setup the decryption are in the initrd. There is an article
    on debian-administration.org to set this up.

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