Lenny in the Asus EEE PC 901 – day 1

Posted by – 16/12/2008

Following my previous post, today I began to turn my brand new Asus EEE PC 901 into a Debian Machine. At first I wanted to do all in one day, but since work is taking too much out of me (and everything seems to take more time than expected), I’ll have to split this in different days…

So, first things first. I read Debian Wiki on the issue and began by doing the most important: backing it up. So I got a daily netinst iso, put it on a USB Pendrive and followed the tip on backup over the network using netcat. Easy and effective, and took only 8 minutes on the 901 (I think the 35 minutes described on the wiki were for models with slower NICs).

From there, I had to decide which version of the installer I’d use. I chose Standard, since I want an encrypted disk on my EEE. So I run the installer and, on the partition manager, I deleted /dev/sda1 (where Xandros was installed), turning it into a 300 MB /dev/sda5 (to use as /boot) and a 3 GB /dev/sda6 building a Logical Volume over an LVM Volume Group with it and /dev/sdb1 (where the user directory was), and enciphering it. This took a long time, since, I believe, random data were being written to the device to increase crypto strength. I left /dev/sda{2,3,4} as they were, since they can belong to the Asus EEE Recovering System (and they don’t take too much space ­čÖé )

Now base system is installed, and wired network works like a charm… Next steps will have to wait until tomorrow.

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