Finally! We won a battle!

Posted by – 14/08/2008

Although far from winning the war against Azeredo’s bill, we finally won a battle. Chamber-of-Deputies IT Committee approved the request [pt-BR] for a public hearing [pt-BR]. Although a small step forward, all people involved with entities and NGOs interested in blocking this bill will have a chance to speak their minds.

This comes in a very special timing. A pool was published early this week [pt-BR] run by Vox Populi revealing that more than a half of the Brazilian voters distrust e-voting and about 20% think it’s possible to spy on their choices. This is a election year in Brazil, and all this setting can end up helping our case.

More than 106-thousand already signed the petition and I think with all those signatures adding to this setting this is going to be a very interesting hearing. At least people supporting this bill will have to stand up and say they are for it… And who knows what damage this can cause to them in a election year.

Some public hearings are broadcast through Internet. I’ll let you know if this one will be.

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