100-thousand and counting

Posted by – 06/08/2008

For those of you wondering how is the battle against the Brazilian Internet Surveillance Bill, I have to report we already got more than 100-thousand people to sign the petition. You can check the current count in the image on the right. I am updating it every 15 minutes, so you can even use its URL in another place (as are some people doing already).

The bill will be voted by the Chamber-of-Deputies any time now… We heard it would be on yesterday, but apparently it was not even enlisted for this week. This doesn’t mean much, since the Deputies can hold an “out-of-list” voting… we’ll be watching.

Meanwhile, I read an article by Sérgio Amadeu that summarizes some of our feeling about that bill. Are we in the Western World (allegedly freedom lovers) turning into control-freaks? A whole lot of people I know are not even offended by this bill! These are the same people that don’t think it’s weird that USA claimed the right to seize any storage device entering their borders, for any time they want, with no warranted privacy. Are we in a middle of a paradigm shift? Are we accepting less freedom? What would George Orwell think of that?

Maybe we got in a wormhole and ended up in 1984…

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  1. clang_jangle says:

    Hang on… It’s going to get worse: http://news.slashdot.org/news/08/08/05/220229.shtml

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