Ruby security advisory and fix

Posted by – 24/06/2008

Debian 4.0 version of Ruby is open to the, now widely known, Ruby security vulnerabilities. The bug is reported as 487238 in Debian’s BTS, and is closed, since the version now in sid (version is already fixed. Users of stable can apply the patch provided by Daniel Franke (it doesn’t seem to fix all, but goes a long way).

Apparently, this brought up (again) the rants over full disclosure. Indeed, what is vulnerable is not that hard to find, as Zed Shaw showed us, so, why not talk about it in a plain and bold form? Why just provide the CVE numbers and ask for everybody to upgrade? Zed goes more deep about the quality of C code, but that is not the issue I want to talk about…

As a Free and Open Source Software supporter (and developer), I can see the benefits of full disclosure. As a not-full-time webmaster, I can see the benefits of not having a “proof-of-concept” piece of code attached to the vulnerability report. Of course, there’s a lot of things a webmaster can do to prevent having a machine completely compromised in case a security advisory is published with a proof-of-concept code in it (think about chrooting, randomized memory protection, security libraries, grsecurity, SELinux, etc) – and my machines, although vulnerable to the bug, would not be fully compromised if exploited.

I guess one should be prepared to whatever comes from the Internet… Full disclosure, in this sense, have more pros than cons, IMHO. For instance it was not clear if Debian 4.0 were vulnerable… There were no security advisory coming from Debian (and there’s still not), and it is not promptly obvious if the version packaged is affected. I know that at least I wanted to run a proof-of-concept to check if my server is vulnerable or not before going all the way into packaging a fix (or backporting the sid version), and it was not until I read Matasano Chargen Blog that I could test older versions. But different people have different ideas…

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