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I was curious to get to Rhodes. That is near Turkey (my cellphone actually kept switching from Greece to Turkey and back all the time), and, since it held one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World it all added up to be a good place to visit.

Our first disappointment while in Greece. The hotel the travel agency had chosen was not a very good one (so far we were very lucky). This lead us to remain there as little as possible. It was too close to the airport and too close to one of the main roads… The surroundings of the hotel, ITOH, were not that bad. It was the beach of Ixia, a really beautiful one (although very windy). Hilton Resort was just around the corner and we were tempted to check-in there instead of our hotel… (Yeah… like we had money to…).

Anyway, we decided to get on with the trip and went straight to the Colossus site. Actually they have doubts of where it standed, but the traditional spot would be in the old harbour where one can see two obeliscs on the place they think Colossus’ legs were spread:

We visited also the Cassino, which is mainly comprised of slot machines. Not really interesting (and charging a non-refundable fee of EUR 15 just to get in!)… Just near the Cassino we can see one of the many beaches in Rhodes, with the two-colored sea (we were told that it was like that for the stone platform keeps the sea shallow for some meters, before diving acutelly):

Maybe the most interesting was our walking into the Old Town. Rhodes have a surrounded area that was a medieval town… but we’re not talking about ruins anymore: the city is alive and they have all kinds of shops and cafes in there. The oldest street in the Old Town is called, nowadays, Socratic Street, and we found a lot of interesting places along it.

While we were there, there was a medieval festival going on, and we saw people dressed as medieval countryman, playing typical instruments, walking around the place…

The Old Town surely is a place that deserves to be explored more than we did… But those were the last days of our trip, and we were rather tired by then. So we spent the time just going where we couldn’t avoid and preparing ourselves to the return trip (which meant meditating under the sun of the Ixia beach and packing our shopping stuff in our already stuffed suitcases).

Thanks for following my posts of this trip. Now we can go back to the usual subject of this blog…. ­čÖé

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