Mykonos and Delos

Posted by – 22/06/2008

One of the best places to rest during our trip was Mykonos. In general, a flat island (not needed to climb as often), we got a hotel near the port, with a beautiful view and really relaxing setting. All the hotel staff seem to be doing their best so we could do nothing. That was a first time in our trip.

Great views, great restaurants along the shore, Mykonos is also famous for its parties (although we haven’t gone to any), but don’t be fooled: all this come with a price. Mykonos is also the most expensive place we’ve been in this trip… So be prepared.

Following the shore we found some windmills. We’re told some still work, but not those we saw: small stores are run in there.

The water was cold, and we found no one willing to dive in it, anyway it was a relaxing view. We took our time to read and enjoy ourselves.

Near Mykonos is the ancient and sacred island of Delos. That was an impressive visit. So much history that island have seem and many interesting details: they managed to have a political and religious agnostic island that welcome everyone and had a free harbour by 800 B.C.! It’s a shame so little have remained (like the “Lions” you can see in the picture)…

We’re told that by 700 B.C., Delos, whose land could not be owned by anyone (allegelly it was owned by the god Apollo and godess Artemis), despite so many rich people living and trading there, had no organized army (or any defense system whatsoever). A king that wanted to promote his own free harbour, in a short time, invaded and destroyed Delos, killing almost everyone living there. Since then Delos is abandoned. What a pity… I wonder what could Delos developed to be if allowed to endure.

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