Naples and the garbage

Posted by – 31/05/2008

In our way to Athens (and to the second part of our trip), we drove to Naples to take a plane. Long before this trip, we heard about the problem with garbage in Naples and, despite that, we decided to spend one night in Naples rather than driving there in the morning and risking miss the flight… besides we thought “this garbage problem cannot be so bad”. We couldn’t be more wrong!

The problem has become far worse than we’ve imagined. While we were there, CNN reported the worsening of the crisis and we’ve watched people burning piles of garbage that were accumulated on the streets just at the corner of the hotel we spent the night. It was so depressing!

I hope this crisis gets to an end soon. Although everybody we asked seem to agree that Naples is not a city worth spending some time in, I am still convinced that there are some good places to see there. It seems this problem with the garbage is lasting long enough to influence everything else: people serving you in restaurants, in train stations, in hotels, (and everywhere else) are stressed out to the point they scare people away.

It also seems that people reacts by worsening everything else… for instance, the McDonald’s we found at the train station is left in a state that we gave up eating there (chairs are torn, tables are not cleaned and the restrooms are in a sorry state).

By dinner time we were so depressed that we decided to stay in the hotel and have dinner there, barely waiting for the morning to come so we could carry on with our trip…. and we spent just one night there! now imagine people having to live there day after day…

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