Rome: days 0 and 1 (partial)

Posted by – 07/05/2008

I know I promised I would write, but I’ve been so tired when I get back to the hotel, that logging in and getting inspiration to write about the day is not as easy as I first imagined. So, let’s summarize what I have so far (I still have to work in the pictures, so I’ll update this article later with’em):

Day 0: (May 4th)

So, the first day (or day 0 as I call it), was the most uneventful. That’s because we spent it in plane and train, getting to Rome. We arrived at Termini Station about 18:30 local time, and went straight to the Hotel, which is nearby. We were so tired that we just had dinner in a restaurant near the hotel and went straight to bed.

Day 1: (May 5th)

We decided to visit Rome the first two days and then the Vatican in the third. That’ s so because the Pope was soppose to give a public audience on Wednesdays, so we thought that being all the way here, having the possibility to see the Pope, and not doing so was kind of a waste.

I was told to try to get a Roma Pass as soon as I get to Rome, and I tried. At the station, people were not very helpful and this day we spent some money taking taxis for we haven’t got the 3-day public transport pass that comes with “Roma Pass pack”. So here is three warnings for people coming to Termini: (1) the “Roma Pass” cannot be bought at the Tabacco stores they have at the station (but apparently everything else can); (2) when you ask for the “Roma Pass” and somebody answer something like “Binary 24”, they’re refering to the southwest “wing” of the Station – they have a “Roma Pass – Tourist Information” booth there, near the Post Office – and that is where you can get a “Roma Pass”; (3) Don’t trust the signs pointing to “Information”, they’re circular and point to nothing (that’s it, just like a badly designed infinite loop).

Today we visited Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona. First lesson we learned: being in the historical center is to walk a lot…. I mean A LOT!. The Pantheon and Fontana di Trevi were the most exciting things to visit, but by the time we ended the day, our feet were hurting so bad!

At Fontana di Trevi you’ll find people selling roses. Please! Don’t buy any. They’re a waste of money (they’ll be dead by the end of the day). I am a romantic guy and said nothing when Brenda bought some… but really, don’t.

As I am writing this at some Internet spot near the hotel while Brenda is shopping at the station, now that Brenda came back, I’ll just go to the hotel with her, for tomorrow we’ll have our trip to Capri (and we still need to pack). I’ll insert the missing picture of Fontana di Trevi in this post, finish writing about day 1, and tell about days 2 and 3 ASAP. Ciao.

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  1. spectra says:

    Valeu Mauricio! Tinha de dar um tempo apos o fisl, neh… as ferias vieram na hora certa. []s.

  2. Mauricio says:

    Estava achando estranho o pq de nao encontrar mais o spectra, mesmo que invisível no, entao resolvi confirir o motivo no e nao e` que vem a surpresa ferias, FERIAS hem!! Merecidas FERIAS, aproveite bastante e se cuide!!! desculpe o comentario em pt-br!! 🙂

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