Vacation: T-12h

Posted by – 03/05/2008

Fisl was so time-consuming that I barely had time to blog about what I was planning for vacation. Now, I am at T-12h for my vacation, so let me share a little of what I am going to do to enjoy that.

Last time I got any vacation I almost had no chance to really enjoy it. I haven’t traveled, I haven’t got any rest, I haven’t done anything useful (or not). I was confident the Army was not going to get me, but it happened the opposite, so my vacation was canceled and the rest of the story you can pretty much figure out.

Now, it’s different. I got a real vacation time. Brenda and I have planned this carefully, mainly because we want this time to last as long as possible. In 12h we’ll be flying to Italy. Yes! We’re spending the next 24 days in Italy and Greece. We’re visiting Rome, Amalfitan Coast, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes. Half the trip we’ll be driving (my international drivers’ license was up-to-dated and Brenda have got herself a new one), the other half we’ll go by train. I’ve tried to book a visit to Vatican necropolis, but I suspect I was not enough in advance (since I haven’t heard from them yet)… Anyway, I suspect Rome will be enough interesting without getting down there 🙂

I am so excited I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any sleep tonight. It’ll be the first time Brenda gets out of the country and she is sleeping as a child…

For you that are following this blog, I intend to post something of what is going on with us, but don’t expect frequent reports… It would not be a vacation if I kept coming back to the computer… I am bringing some slips of paper with my GPG key, just in case I get the chance to meet any Debian Developer (if you’re one, drop me a note in my email).

See you soon.

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