fisl9.0: 2nd day

Posted by – 19/04/2008

They’ve came down with a participant number for fisl9.0: 7417. That’s it… over SEVEN THOUSAND! I was told it’s still an estimate, since they haven’t merged the databases yet (anyway, that’s the official number so far). This fisl is huge! One more picture of the crowd, just for the record:

Now everything is fine. TVSL went online with no problems (once the network was fixed) and remained broadcasting the event the whole day long. All was so fine that one can think it’s even boring! I spent half the day attending our company booth and the other half trying to help the organizing committee. While walking around, two linux-driven home-made robots called my attention. The first one serves water to the guy in front of it:

The other one just walks around:

On the Debian side of the “trench”, I met João Eriberto Mota Filho, Debian Developer wannabe who asked me to sign his key. I’ve seem he before, since he’s a frequent speaker at fisl and welcome him as a future developer. Meanwhile I was “reminded” by faw that I still owe him my signature… since DebConf4!! I signed so many keys in the KSP we held then, that one or two might have been missed… I intend to fix that RSN 😉

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  1. Ciaran says:

    That sir, is one very scary penguin!

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