Wow! Fisl exploded!

Posted by – 18/04/2008

I have never seem so many people at fisl. Seriously! All the rooms were crowded, all the time… same as the expo and the user-group area. Our official counter were stopped at 6667 participants, but that is just because we’ve taken the registration database off-line in order to process new registrations on-site. By the end of fisl all the numbers will be summed up, but I heard rumors of 7 thousand people! Awesome!

I spent this first day mostly in the TVSL room. We’ve had problems with the network all day long. PUCRS’ technicians and our link providers’ personnel were trying to figure out where the problem seems to be. Being stuck with a non-functioning stuff, to me this day was mostly a sequence of frustrating attempts to get over the blockage. By the end of the day I was told that they were close to a solution… It reminded me of our second year trying to stream fisl, as was best told by Fluendo’s Thomas … This just leads me to an unavoidable conclusion: our network sucks! I had to hear from a Brazilian friend who lives in Europe how wonderful her Gigabit network is… grrrrrrr

Bored as I was, I went walking around. That, surely, were the best part of fisl so far: meeting old friends. I had the most pleasant chat (yet quick) with Otavio Salvador and Felipe van de Wiel, both friends of long time.

I took some pictures of the crowd:

And, since I was not “available” in the morning, when the huge crowd was arriving, I took a picture of a picture taken by Marlon of this initial moments:

(It is not really clear in this picture, but beyond the red gates there were as many people as inside)

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