fisl9.0: T-48h

Posted by – 16/04/2008

We are at T-48h of fisl9.0, and everything starts to take form. I spent the whole afternoon getting our icecast infrastructure online. We’ve got 6 servers, all with different bandwidth and not all with the same architecture… The debian boxes were prevalent (4 of them – 1 amd64 and 3 i386), all of them etch. We’ll be able to follow the statistics at tvstats website (not all the servers are enlisted yet).

In this process I found an evil bug in debian’s icecast package, I will have to debug to understand it better: when relaying from a master server (which is our set-up), if the source stops feeding the master, the relay segfaults. The strace shows it just segfaults while pooling… I got no explanation for it and I’ll have to dissect it if I want to build a proper bug report. In the meantime, I installed the sarge-backports version, and it worked… so, the bug report will have to wait until after fisl ­čÖé

I took some pictures to show how’s everything being put together. Take a look:

And some of the infrastructure crew:

See you all there!

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  1. Gunnar says:

    Regarding your Icecast bug, I remember we hit it at Debconf7. I’m sorry, I don’t remember exactly how we solved it, but it did involved some backporting. Talk with the Debconf video team, I’m sure they will be able to help you out.

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