Posted by – 14/04/2008

I’ve been involved in TVSL (Free Software TV – a streaming infrastructure for the fisl) since its beginning… This time, while searching a way to embed IRC into a webpage for a internal project, I discovered mibbit – an interesting IRC widget. Then I thought, “It would be interesting to have that for fisl”… this is how I put together e-fisl.

e-fisl is just a webpage with an embedded cortado player (via the beautiful MetaVid library ) and mibbit widget. I put it together just a few minutes ago, but I suspect it is going to be interesting to watch how people use it (the mount-points for the rooms are still not available – as you’ll notice).

I am planning to have a bot in the #fisl channel to collect questions from the “remote attendees”… I just have to check with the rest of the organizing committee if it will be possible to read these questions for the speaker during the session. It would be great…

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