Finally, I am back

Posted by – 12/04/2008

I can’t possibly summarize all that has happened to me since my last post. The short explanation is that I had to serve in Brazilian army for a year, and that kind of disorganized my life. While I was in the army, I was forbidden to blog, and when that year ended, my life was too messy to keep up and I’ve been procrastinating my come back! Now, finally, I am back.

Just in time, I would say. fisl9.0 is about to begin.

For this come back, somethings changed: my blog engine (from Rodin to Mephisto), my Gallery (it’s gone… sorry!), my domain (I’ve moved from my company’s webserver to my own), I will be publishing some entries in portuguese (in a separate section)… Hope you all enjoy.

Happy hacking.

2 Comments on Finally, I am back

  1. spectra says:

    I also feel that military service shouldn’t be mandatory, anywhere… Brazil have historical reasons to have it mandatory, much of it connected to the social role the army plays… It’s not that bad, though… Let’s just say it was a valuable experience I am glad that ended ­čÖé

  2. Anonymous says:

    My condolences for your period of involuntary servitude. After hearing about all the great things Brazil has accomplished and how quickly it has advanced in technological circles, it disturbs me to discover that it still follows such a barbaric custom.

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