The tale of the three

Posted by – 25/06/2007

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In the beginning, there were only Darkness, and the Earth inhabitants couldn’t see each other, and everybody lived in a total chaos. In despair they cried for Light, and Light heard them. He came down to Earth to fight Darkness and free the Earth of the Darkness yoke.

A huge battle had begun, and it lasted one hundred centuries. Finally, Darkness, with a dirty and unfair trick, defeated Light, and the Earth dived into chaos once again.

Spectra, a powerful wizard, son of the Light, took his father’s dead body to the center of the Universe and claimed its dangerous powers to bring Light back to life.

Brought back to life, Light came down to Earth again, this time to defeat Darkness once and for good. Another battle took place, this time with Spectra as the judge to prevent Darkness from cheating. This new battle lasted one thousand centuries. Again (without any trick) Darkness were winning. When the battle came close to its end, Darkness set his last blow against Light. This time Light would be dead forever.

At the exact moment Darkness would have brandished his final blow, Spectra, leaving his judge position, came between his father and Darkness. Darkness’ stroke were so huge and powerful that the emanated energy end up casting Light, Spectra, and Darkness together. Since then, Spectra is known as the final judge: always impartial, except when evil is winning…

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