Month: February 2006

My girlfriend enters, I leave

Posted by – 02/02/2006

Since January 13th I am on my last vacation-time of my last year as a Radiology resident. I’ve received my certificate and have already been hired to work as a radiologist! Things are going fine and I even enjoyed some summer days on the beach. Pictures for these will be posted to my gallery soon.

Yesterday was my girlfriend first day as a Public Health-Social Worker resident and we gave her a “surprise party” both in celebration for this and for her birthday (that was on Jan 26th). We’ve planned this party this whole month, and since she is “too aware of everything around” it was not an easy task. She was really surprised and have not suspected anything. Pictures are already in my gallery. So, for the next two years, it’s her turn to be somebody’s slave. My residency took me three years (since radiology program is a bit longer than public health), and in the exact moment I finally stepped out, she steps in. All the patience that the last three years demanded from her are now my task, since I’ll be demanded the same.

I am just too happy for her. Being a social worker without a residency in Brazil is living with an unfair sallary and a whole lot of poverty around. After these two years, things will be better for her (and for us), at least wrt the sallary.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working in flumotion and icecast2 for the Free Software Television – thanks wingo and karlH, for your patience -, watched the launch of another free software based internet TV called YSTV, released more videos from fisl6.0, and helped the Program Committee of fisl7.0.

WRT this last, we’ve closed the papers review process which is mainly driven by a computer calculated score based on reviews given by selected people. We do not interfere with the process, except that some of us were reviewers also for some tracks. We’ve notified the chosen and within this week they have to confirm, then we’ll start publishing a partial program… We’re using a home made free software we keep in our subversion called papers.