New Year, welcome “Computer for All”

Posted by – 30/12/2005

It’s almost 2006. I can barely wait! This year was a really busy one and, although I don’t expect my life to slow any down, there’s always the hope for better days…

We’ve ended up 2005 in a pretty good shape: fisl7.0 promises to be the best of all, fisl6.0’s videos were finally put online, the process that was leading to the buying of more than 5 thousand Windows/Office licenses by the National Congress was halted, the standards for the Brazilian digital tv is going open source, and, finally, the best of all: the “computer for all” project is a huge success.

All of the above are great, but this last one I point out for it’s the largest digital inclusion project I know: It puts a pretty good computer (by brazilian standards) inside the home of anybody that can pay ~ R$ 60,00 (around US$ 25,00) a month for two years, with internet access and running a branded GNU/Linux. The reports have been great (e.g. one of the sellers sold 13 thousand units in a month while expecting to sell 5 thousand). I think this project is a major score!

And they have a pretty good logo also. ­čÖé

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