fisl6.0 videos online – finally

Posted by – 12/12/2005

I’ve been too busy the last two weeks. We prepared fisl6.0’s videos to be served in our BitTorrent Tracker (courtesy of Hugo Cisneiros, who provided the fast connection and the bttrack server). And now they’re officially uploaded. The first 80 videos can be download using BitTorrent at

Some of the best ones, IMHO, are Maddog’s, David A. Wheeler’s, David Heinemeier Hansson’s (btw, the video he presented is here), Eric Raymond’s, but there are many others I could enlist.

We had a lot of trouble with the recorded media. It was so that we just gave up on some videos… around 20% were lost due to bad recording or damaged media. It was so frustating that we decided to take a different path for fisl7.0: we’ll encode the video on site. We’ll not repeat the same mistake of getting them on DVD before and the converting later. Rather, we’ll encode it directly in the encoding machine and, maybe, it will be available in the same night or the next day. We already have everything in place (after all, we stream the whole conference!), it’s just a matter of generating a improved quality version and record it.

Using Theora, it will be needed a fast processing machine, but that we can rent for the 4 days of conference, and use it to encode both the stream version and the distribution version. Anything will be better than to loose a recorded talk due to bad media or bad recording… We’re already choosing the hardware specification… W’ll need at least 6 of those powerful machines (since we’ll have at least 6 simultaneous rooms).

Gosh! I’m already looking forward the next fisl!!

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