What memes are good for.

Posted by – 13/10/2005

Blogging memes are useless and adictive! Although I found what memes are really good for: to blog something after more than 40 days!

I fell to the temptation. Here is Marc proposed new meme:

  • Pablo needs to learn to trade himself first!
  • Pablo needs warmth
  • Pablo needs you all to work together!
  • Pablo needs to take time off from household chores…
  • Pablo needs to recruit her as his public appearances assistant at Cons
  • Pablo needs to be on that list as well
  • Pablo needs to make 2.4kilos of meth for his sceazers
  • Pablo needs to learn to take a joke…. Otherwise….
  • Pablo needs to bring something to school from his culture
  • Pablo needs to ask him about the murder of Michael Cambias.

The tenth one is pretty scary!

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