Month: October 2005

It’s fisl time, again

Posted by – 29/10/2005

fisl7.0 – the 7th edition of the International Free Software Forum, is increasing the pace. They’ve issued their call for papers (please help digging it up) and their website. This year they’re moving to a place twice bigger than PUCRS (the place it used to happen). Everything’s pointing towards another great event.

I am still playing with GStreamer and Icecast, for this edition the Free Software TV promises to have much more than the 12 thousand people watching fisl. Also, the first speakers invitations have already been confirmed (sorry, but I am not going to mention who confirmed for now… let’s see if we can create some expectation atmosphere ­čÖé ).

Reviewing fisl6.0’s pictures, I crossed by this one:

… which is a good picture of the cake distribution we had at the “Good Bye Woody Party” the Debian Brasil held there. Those days were a lot of fun! Here is the Debian Brasil Team at the conference:

I am already looking after to meet everybody again…

What memes are good for.

Posted by – 13/10/2005

Blogging memes are useless and adictive! Although I found what memes are really good for: to blog something after more than 40 days!

I fell to the temptation. Here is Marc proposed new meme:

  • Pablo needs to learn to trade himself first!
  • Pablo needs warmth
  • Pablo needs you all to work together!
  • Pablo needs to take time off from household chores…
  • Pablo needs to recruit her as his public appearances assistant at Cons
  • Pablo needs to be on that list as well
  • Pablo needs to make 2.4kilos of meth for his sceazers
  • Pablo needs to learn to take a joke…. Otherwise….
  • Pablo needs to bring something to school from his culture
  • Pablo needs to ask him about the murder of Michael Cambias.

The tenth one is pretty scary!