Memes and event criticism

Posted by – 26/08/2005

First of all, I did it again!

Synthetic Person Engineered for Ceaseless Troubleshooting and Rational Assassination

This meme thing is addictive!

Today, at noon, I was at the hospital and I had 15 minutes to have lunch. I got a sandwich at the cafeteria and went to the computer room to “read my email”. Before doing that I usually give a quick parse on the computer-related brazilian news websites… I stopped at this BR-Linux post and just had to answer. There’s an ongoing debate on the future of brazilian Free Software events and it seems to me that a lot of people think it’s easy to manage such a thing. Well, to manage an event is not that easy… big surprise. Maybe it’s time for some people to start thinking about what does it takes to manage a truly community-driven free software event such as fisl, and maybe turn their own criticism into something more useful, like giving us a hand.

Maybe handling free software events is just like judging design on Paul Graham opinion: “there is no correlation, except possibly a negative one, between people’s ability to [make a good event] and their confidence that they can.”

I trust meritocracy. Eventually these I-don-t-help-at-all-but-I-love-to-criticize kind of people will, eventually, just be wiped out of community. But I do believe meritocracy takes some time to work…

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