Congratulations Debian!

Posted by – 16/08/2005

Twelve years old today. I doubt, back in 1993, that Ian had the least idea that Debian would turn into the great distro it is. Thanks to all the fellow developers that make it possible every day.

Last weekend, Debian Brasil promoted the Second Debian Day, a gathering of debian enthusiasts to celebrate Debian’s birthday. This year we had 8 states that hold the event simultaneously. Ranging from simple gatherings to full lecture-schedules + install fests, people in every state did whatever they think was possible to “join the crowd”.

In RS we held it in 5 different cities. I went to Cruz Alta two weeks ago to help setting things up there, but on 13th I was helping in Porto Alegre. The other cities that joined us in RS were Novo Hamburgo, Santa Cruz and Cachoeira do Sul. I took some pictures (not many though), and we went live broadcasting it over the Internet. Here is a picture of the encoding laptop that was sending the stream over to TV Software Livre Icecast server:

For those curious, the laptop is running a home-made knoppix customization with GStreamer 0.8 and fluxbox. It is part of the experiences I am conducting with GStreamer, as I already told you.

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