DebConf4 Final Report and vacation

Posted by – 16/01/2005

After some “external” problems, I was finally able to upload the DebConf4 Final Report. Exactly 4 minutes later (beat that!) I got the first “patch” from Peter Palfrader (weasel): I had mislocated Wolfgang Klier in Germany. That and some other fixes will be uploaded RSN.

Well… I’ll finally get my most earned 30-day vacation. Later on today I’ll travel to Porto Seguro, where I expect to spend a week with no internet access. After that, I’ll spend the last days in my hometown, visiting my parents.

If you have any patches to the report, please send’em to me. As soon as I have a net connection again I’ll upload them as a new revision. Meanwhile, take a look at the “ugly, boring” place I’ll have to spend part of my vacation:

BTW, I finally got a digital camera, so the next thing you’ll see in my gallery will be pictures from Porto Seguro.

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