Interesting way to call everybody’s attention

Posted by – 10/01/2005

I was finding weird some white butterflies drawn on the streets while driving around Porto Alegre lately. Then it came to my attention what all those butterflies meant: it’s a safe-driving campaign.

There’s this little known Thiago de Moraes Gonzaga Foundation that is dedicated to alert people on the danger of drinking and driving, high-speed driving and all those stupid things people can do with cars that turns them into weapons against other people, or themselves. The foundation focus is on young drivers since its name came from a 19-year old guy that got killed in a car crash in 1995.

So, this foundation has been working since 1996 trying to prevent other young people to get killed the same way. Lately the number of car accidents involving people around age 20 has been increasing, despite all this foundation has been doing. Then the white-butterfly idea came in. Everywhere around the town where a person got killed by a car accident they’re drawing a white butterfly on the street.

I couldn’t possible realize that we have had so many deadly car crashs on the streets I usually drive on. Those are low speed (always jammed) traffic streets that lead from my home to my workplace, and back. The effect that those white butterflies on me were amazing…

I hope they succeed in this attempt to alert people that a car can become a weapon. I don’t want to see more white butterflies being drawn overnight.

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