Month: January 2005

Install Fest and fisl6.0 Launching Session

Posted by – 28/01/2005

It’s my vacation and I am already travelling again to the beach. But it seems I cannot be on vacation… I spent less than one week in Porto Alegre, but it was enough to start the first Install Fest of the year planning. It’s going to happen on February 19th and our host will be an IT Bookstore.

Yesterday I attended to the launch of fisl6.0. A lot of important people showed up, including Sergio Amadeu and Planning Ministry and Education Ministry representatives. Here is one picture, just for teasing:

I am already excited with fisl6.0!

Back from Porto Seguro and almost on the road again…

Posted by – 26/01/2005

I am finally back from Porto Seguro and, as I promised, here are the pictures.

I got just a few fixes for DebConf4 Final Report, which means I can decrease the amount of time I dedicate to it (finally). BTW, thanks for all the appreciation messages I received. Surely it was a hard report to write, but, by no means, I did it alone. So here is my thanks to the DebConf4 team, the real heroes here. Now it’s time to think on DebConf5 (although I’ll probably not be there… [insert the regular day job excuse here]).

Meanwhile, LinuxPR, Slashdot, NewsForge, and TheRegister published the Call For Papers Press Release for the 6th International Free Software Forum – fisl6.0

… and I realize that we have only days til it.

On Friday I’ll leave to the country, visiting my parents and spend a good part of my vacation. I hope only to rest a lot, enjoy the swimming pool, get tired in carnival parties, and reading a good book, so do not expect to find me on the Net during the next days…

One last note: It seems that Sun is following IBM example and granting access to the Open Source Community to even more patents IBM did. Interesting to think where this is going to lead us…

DebConf4 Final Report and vacation

Posted by – 16/01/2005

After some “external” problems, I was finally able to upload the DebConf4 Final Report. Exactly 4 minutes later (beat that!) I got the first “patch” from Peter Palfrader (weasel): I had mislocated Wolfgang Klier in Germany. That and some other fixes will be uploaded RSN.

Well… I’ll finally get my most earned 30-day vacation. Later on today I’ll travel to Porto Seguro, where I expect to spend a week with no internet access. After that, I’ll spend the last days in my hometown, visiting my parents.

If you have any patches to the report, please send’em to me. As soon as I have a net connection again I’ll upload them as a new revision. Meanwhile, take a look at the “ugly, boring” place I’ll have to spend part of my vacation:

BTW, I finally got a digital camera, so the next thing you’ll see in my gallery will be pictures from Porto Seguro.

Things science have to face

Posted by – 14/01/2005

This was required to be pasted into biology textbooks by Cobb County Board of Education:

Sticker text: This textbook contains material on evolution. Evolution is a theory, not a fact, regarding the origin of living things. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered.

The issue had to be settle by a US federal judge, that ordered it to be removed.

Interesting way to call everybody’s attention

Posted by – 10/01/2005

I was finding weird some white butterflies drawn on the streets while driving around Porto Alegre lately. Then it came to my attention what all those butterflies meant: it’s a safe-driving campaign.

There’s this little known Thiago de Moraes Gonzaga Foundation that is dedicated to alert people on the danger of drinking and driving, high-speed driving and all those stupid things people can do with cars that turns them into weapons against other people, or themselves. The foundation focus is on young drivers since its name came from a 19-year old guy that got killed in a car crash in 1995.

So, this foundation has been working since 1996 trying to prevent other young people to get killed the same way. Lately the number of car accidents involving people around age 20 has been increasing, despite all this foundation has been doing. Then the white-butterfly idea came in. Everywhere around the town where a person got killed by a car accident they’re drawing a white butterfly on the street.

I couldn’t possible realize that we have had so many deadly car crashs on the streets I usually drive on. Those are low speed (always jammed) traffic streets that lead from my home to my workplace, and back. The effect that those white butterflies on me were amazing…

I hope they succeed in this attempt to alert people that a car can become a weapon. I don’t want to see more white butterflies being drawn overnight.