CompTIA goes for the WTO

Posted by – 21/12/2004

For those that have forgotten the past, CompTIA’s Software Choice and Perens’ Sincere Choice are the background for the present issue.

I’ve just read that CompTIA is complaining to the World Trade Organization about the “discriminatory policies” that some countries are adopting. Needless to say that the policies the countries enlisted (Brazil is among them) are adopting are all pro-FLOSS.

This made me dig up the excellent The Register article (written by Bruce Perens, of course) about the issue, and his conclusion is something I have to quote:

“Imagine a truly open market for computer software: one in which there were many interoperating products, truly competing on their merits rather than upon their vendor’s ability to lock other products out of the market. Prices would be lower, quality higher, and we’d have a transition to a customer-centric view of the software business, away from the vendor-centric view that many of us, perhaps unconsciously, hold today. Or we could continue today’s anti-competitive policies. Which one is your choice?”

…. I think I may be getting bored with all this….

In time, Poland is my new hero. I may actually cheer for them in the next World Soccer Cup…. Nah…. 😉

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