mjg59 in the news!

Posted by – 08/09/2004

I was always postponing going to the newspaper building to get its June 2nd edition, but today I finally managed to go…. The problem is that they only open during business hours and, of course, during business hours I am working… But today I had to go to another Radiology center and the newspaper building is just in the middle of the trip…

“But what can some old newspaper edition have to do with free software (or Debian)?” you may be asking yourself… June 2nd was the day before IFSF (and the last day of DebConf4). And here is one of the things one can see printed on that edition:

Matthew Garret in the news

That’s it. Those of you that attended DebConf4 will remember that the press was treating Matt as a pop star during the conference. That is why! For those of you that care, here you’ll find the full article (of course, pt_BR only).

(I also remember some jealousy coming from our beloved king… can someone confirm that?)

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