Month: July 2004

Come on, baby, run Linspire

Posted by – 23/07/2004

I know some people will mail me begining with “but it’s flash, Pablo”… Anyway this new campaign from Linspire is real nice to watch. Mainly considering the “Get the facts” world we live in…

Run Linspire Campaign


Posted by – 12/07/2004

No! I am not talking about the Normandy invasion day. Instead, D-Day stands for Debian Day!

Debian’s 11th birthday is near (August 16th), and, since it’s a Monday, the brazilian debian community have postponed the celebrations to August 21st.

All (or the majority) the regional sections are already moving to make a huge nation-wide party. It will take the form of an install-fest in most of the places, but some lectures and/or videos will be presented as well (in some other places). This will be an interesting gathering. The IRC channel is not yet decided, but it should be #d-day or something like that.

I barely came back from my (somewhat) long after-DebConf4 vacation and another thing already comes by… Interesting to see how these things go on…