DebConf4 Internet Server goes off

Posted by – 09/06/2004

The only piece of hardware from DebConf4 that was left behind was the internet server. It’s still in SESC as I write.

Interesting to see how things go. It were almost 9 months of planning and preparations. Place Research Report alone took almost 5 months!. Then the profiling meeting was, indeed, a cornerstone (full logs). We had to divide the team in the “local party”, taking care of the local arrangements, computers, internet connection, etc; and in the “sponsorship party”, taking care, of course, the sponsorship.

Then HP came in. (Thanks again, Bdale). From that moment on we all knew: DebConf4 had turned itself into an individual being. It would happen, even if we end up not wanting it.

Papers, contracts, agreements and lots (maybe capital: LOTS) of meetings. So much that made us invent a new acronym: AMAD = Another Meeting About Debconf.

Then the Murphy’s Law came into being: 10 days from the first DebConf4 attendee arrival my internet connection went down due to the most unlikely thing: my cable was puled off the pole by a truck! It took 3 days to plug that back on!

Jason DeRose was the “first man on site”. He arrived for DebConf4 on May 10th, and is just leaving back today, a month after.

Hm… I am making myself long on purpose! I feel I don’t want to turn that last server off. Or don’t want to say “good bye” to the last of DebConf4’s attendees (who was also the first one)….

I cannot end this blog post without thanking DebConf4 team. You were the best! Specially Andreas, Michelle and Marlon. Without you, DebConf4 would not be possible: Thank You.

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