DebConf4 and 5FISL are finally over!

Posted by – 06/06/2004

5FISL just ended yesterday. I know! I haven’t been blogging as much as I should… but things were insane! Guess what: Not even emails I’ve been replying anymore (right now there’s 6 thousands of emails waiting in my inbox).

Today is the “barbecue day”… everybody that have stayed til the end of FISL is in my place, eating all the meat they can! I’ll have some pictures RSN (they’ll probably be at Marlon’s website, since I have no digital camera…).

Anyways, this were a hell of a good time! I am just so tired I feel I can sleep a whole week…. and I will, for my vacations at the hospital will not not finish until 15th…. Wow! Shit! I just remembered that I have a lot of other stuff to take care of before coming back to work! Hm… maybe I just sleep two days in a row instead of a whole week… (BTW, I’ll be on official Debian vacation for at least a month.)

Ahh! I almost forgot! Channel 20 have a special IT TV show. They’ve shot some scenes inside DebConf4 for their show… Here [121 MiB] [md5sum] you have it! I’ll be setting a BitTorrent up ASAP.

I’ve editted it a little since the original download were about 400 MiB big, and had the whole show. The version I uploaded have only DebConf4 related stuff.

Enjoy it!

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