Too much work! DebConf4 + 5IFSF = me going insane

Posted by – 10/05/2004

I just got in a kind of crisis. A huge truck hit my internet down (it pulled out my cable from the pole). The cable company promised me they’re fixing it “within 24h” and nothing til now.

Tonight is work night for the guys behind 5IFSF so I am here. Of course from 5FISL’s office I have net access (though not full access, but it’s a beginning).

We’re about to end this long day that started with AMAD (Another Meeting About DebConf4) – gosh! that can even turn itself into a good acronym. Anyways, if you’re trying to figure out why spectra[AWAY] is not hanging on some IRC channel out there, that’s the reason. This time I am really away.

I’ll finally get home and sleep a little in a few moments, so just to answer some FAQs about DebConf4 before I go unplugged: Yes, if you registered the right dates you’ll be booked in SESC. Yes, you will have to pay for the unsponsored days (before May 26th or after June 2nd). Yes, we got a special fee for those days: ~US$40.00 per room (each room fits 4 people).

Signing off.


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