And Google will really go open…

Posted by – 06/05/2004

I am kind of concearned with Google going open. Really!! What will happen if some money greeds take over Google? We’ll start seeing much more ads disguised as real search results…

… and what if Microsoft controls a good share of Google? Just for some quick stats got from search results in MSN and Google:

  • “Linux” count: MSN=334; Google=103,000,000
  • “Windows” count: MSN=1497; Google=116,000,000

I know, I know… There’re two different logics involved. MSN is (as for today) a directory-like listing (much as Yahoo! had been in the past). Google is more like a huge crawler. But check the percentual share (considering just the two words):

  • “Linux” percentage: MSN=18.2%; Google=47%
  • “Windows” percentage: MSN=81.8%; Google=53%

Wow! That is a significant difference!

We all learned to believe Google. They just provided us with high quality searches and they made enough profit from the popularity they acquired providing those quality searches (and vice-versa). By going open I am afraid this could change. Sudenlly the profits from a technically excellent service may just not be good enough…

As these two comic strip show:

… it will be hard without Google.

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