Brazilian Government Training Week Pictures

Posted by – 02/05/2004

The Brazilian Government just ended up a whole training week in Free Software. My company , of course, was there talking about OpenLDAP and Postfix .

They’re all very excited with 5th International Free Software Forum being just around the corner and a lot of government staff (mainly from Serpro – Government Data Processing Company) will attend IFSF this year. They’re particularly interested in international contacts to increase the quality of Free Software services in the Government.

This is interesting, because when PSL-Brasil firstly proposed the 1st Pre-Forum (a networking event that will happen the day before IFSF), they were thinking just that! Having contacts is everything and a networking event is just about that. This will surely be a good place to be if you intend to make business with the Government, and I will be there!

Marlon, my associate, was in Brasília for the event and took a whole bunch of pictures you can see at his gallery .

Other quick news about Brazil and Free Software:

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